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Photo Editing

I know it can get overwhelming!        Do Not Panic!        I’m here to help!

Being a professional photographer and doing my own editing, I know how life, projects and the workload gets in the way of sitting down to edit! Fear not, my friend, I’m ready to help! I’m looking for only a select few photographers to work with this season, so please email me ASAP and we will chat about your style, vision, and other details!

You will show me your editing style, so I can edit your images the way you envision! We will have Skype training so you can “teach” me your style. Please provide honest feedback, so in the end you are happy! For Lightroom editing we will be using Smart Previews Catalogue Dropbox upload/download.

What does outsourcing editing will give you:

  • Spending more time with your family!
  • Connecting with new and existing clients!
  • Going to networking events!
  • Marketing your business!
  • Having more sleep!
  • Etc!


Lightroom Editing – $0.59/image;

Culling – $0.08/image based on total images submitted for culling;

Photoshop Retouching – Custom

Write me today, so we can get you started!

Boutique Editing For Professional Photographers

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